Tim Reha, Interviews Calder Archinuk, Cognitive VR at Immerse Virtual Reality Summit 2016

Tim Reha, CEO, Studios, interviews Calder Archinuk, Cognitive VR at Immerse Virtual Reality Summit 2016


About Cognitive VR

CognitiveVR began it’s journey in late 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia. We started with a singular axiom: give content creators the ability to make better VR. Leveraging advanced web & mobile analytics technology, we have been able to rapidly accelerate deployment of tools into the market. This has allowed us to focus on new products and services such as SceneExplorer.

Virtual reality is a fundamentally different medium – and its core driver technologies reflect this. Game engines have turned into deep, scriptable, exponentially complex 3D authoring platforms. These platforms – and the content they enable – require deep intelligence tools capable of intuitively ingesting and visualizing the data they generate.

cognitiveVR currently supports hundreds of customers with products ranging from games, movies, training simulations, retail testing environments, architecture, and real estate. Our platform currently hosts

About Immerse Summit

The Immerse Summit is the Northwest’s premier event for immersive technology explored how VR/ AR and Mixed Reality is transforming manufacturing, design, education, health and medicine, architecture, real estate, social experiences, tourism, entertainment and more. Visit


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